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About Partner Cooperatives

Small Farmers Agriculture Cooperatives Ltd.

Small Farmers Agricultural Cooperatives Ltd. (SFACLs) are member-managed community-based institutions with a unique three-tiered organizational structure, which ensures the involvement of members in the decision-making process. Organizational Structure is depicted in figure 

The three-tiered organizational structure is as follows:

Characteristics of SFACLs


Small-scale farmers need both financial and non-financial services. The Small Farmers Development Bank provides financial services. The 25 SFACLs′ District Federations and the Nepal Agriculture Cooperatives Central Federation (promoted by small-scale farmers), was established to support them with non-financial services. Established federations have been continually helping SFACLs with institutional strengthening, market management, coordination and financial self sufficiency.

Chitwan Kumroj SFACL staff

Chitwan Kataar SFACL staff