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Support and Collaborations

The Government of Nepal

The government of Nepal (GoN) has extended significant support to the Small Farmer Development Program from its inception. As one of the major promoters, GoN invested NRs. 20 million share capital at the time of the establishment of SKBBL as one of the major promoters. The shares held by the GoN have been disinvested to SFACLs in order to ensure their major holdings in SKBBL. The GoN has been allocating budget as grant support for capacity building of SFACLs, replication of SFACLs, training and seminars, community development programs, livestock promotion programs, and livestock protection programs. In addition, the government allocates an annual budget for credit to SKBBL for the production enhancement of meat, dairy and vegetable products through SFACLs. 

Nepal Rastra Bank

During the fiscal year 2019/2020, the Central Bank of Nepal, (NRB) has handed over rural self-reliance fund (RSRF) to SKBBL for the purpose of extending financial services to rural and remote communities. Moreover, SKBBL has also entertained credit from NRB for implementing the Community Underground Water Irrigation Sector Project. 

Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank Manila (ADB/M) has always been one of the major supporters of SKBBL. ADB/M has provided support in the areas of institutional assessment of SKBBL and SFACLs, formulation and implementation of the restructuring program, procurement of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment and software, capacity enhancement of weak SFACLs, and expansion of microfinance service in the hills and mountain regions of Nepal, livelihood credit and technical support to earthquake affected families, and loan fund as well as technical support for implementing Rural Enterprise Financing Project(REFP). 

Agriculture Development Bank Ltd.

Agriculture Development Bank Ltd (ADBL), one of the leading commercial banks, is the major promoter of SKBBL.


Under “Kisan ka lagi Unnat Biu Bijan” (Improved seeds for farmers) program, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has provided financial support to 75 SFACLs for extending sustainable financial and non-financial services to 45 thousand small farmer families in Rukum West, Rukum east, Rolpa, Salyan, Pyuthan, Gulmi, and Arghakhanchi districts of Province 5 and Karnali Province. RERP Samriddhi is a seven-year project funded by IFAD and executed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies that aims at providing sustainable sources of income to poor households, migrant families, and returnees in 16 districts of Province 1, Province 2, and Province 3. SKBBL signed MOU with Rural Enterprises and Remittances project on 10 September 2020 for capacity building and providing financial access to 150 RERP selected cooperatives. 


In partnership with UK-Aid, Access to Finance Programme (Sakchyam), SKBBL has implemented “Digitization of SFACLs and Expansion of Access to Finance in Karnali Province of Nepal.  The project has helped in providing sustainable financial services to additional 24 thousand households. In partnership with UK-Aid, Skill for Employment Project, SKBBL has been implementing the "Capacity Development & Financing to Migrant Workers" project to provide financial access and capacity development of returnee migrants, and their families. The project is being implemented in 12 districts of Province 2 and Province 5. The total beneficiaries of the project will be 13,468 migrant workers or their families. 

Embassy of Israel

SKBBL is implementing Small Farmer Agriculture Training Program in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Nepal since 2013. The goal of this program is to create a pool of professional skilled human resources to modernize and commercialize the subsistence agricultural practices of Nepal. Under this program, members of SFACLs or youth of their families who have passed 12th grade and are between the age group of 22-30 years, go to different colleges in Israel to learn modern agriculture for a period of 10 to 11 months. The participants receive remuneration in line with the law of Israel for the practical work they do in the agriculture farms in Israel. The program is popularly called the “Learn and Earn Program”.  SKBBL so far has sent 3,162 trainees to participate in this program, and almost all of them have already returned to Nepal after completing the training. 

Nepal Agriculture Co-operatives Central Federation Ltd.

Since its formation in 2008, the Nepal Agriculture Cooperative Central Federation Ltd. (NACCFL) is continuously providing non-financial services to the SFACLs. It is also active in the replication of SFACLs for expanding financial services in un/underserved areas. The NACCFL is also playing important roles in the marketing of agricultural products of SFACLs members.

Banks and Financial Institutions

The Banks and financial institutions (BFIs) mainly commercial banks have been providing deprived sector loans to SKBBL. Almost all Commercial Banks, a few Development Banks and Finance companies provide deprived sector loans to SKBBL. 


CECI is an international development organization that works for combating poverty and exclusion. CECI has been supporting SKBBL by deputing Canadian volunteers having expertise in different fields for the short term. In addition, CECI also provides entrepreneurship development training support to Israel returnee small farmer youths. youths.

United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)

With the support from United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), SKBBL implemented Clean Start program. The program was beneficial to install renewable energy equipment/plants (solar panel, improved cooking stove, and biogas plant) in 40 thousand small farmers' households. The program helped to improve the health and education of the children and families by providing clean energy and light during nighttime. 

Centre for International Cooperation and Training in Agricultural Banking, India(CICTAB)

This financial institution has remained an active member of CICTAB India along with other members such as Nepal Rastra Bank, Agricultural Development Bank, and other BFIs of Nepal. CICTAB has been involved in providing training to staff of this financial institution and SFACLs. For the last three years, the staff of the financial institution has been doing graduate diploma courses in cooperative business management at Baikuntha Mehta National Cooperative Management Institution.

Centre for Microfinance (CMF)

SKBBL has held shares of the Centre for microfinance- a not-for-profit company. CMF has been supporting in the area of capacity development/building of the staff of the financial institution and the affiliated SFACLs.


GIZ (Previously GTZ) provided significant assistance in the establishment and up-gradation of SKBBL, replication, and business expansion of SFACLs, together with human resource development of SKBBL and its partner cooperatives.